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To improve the quality of life for people with neurological challenges.


The Asha Foundation Trust was started as a non profit organization in 2001 by Katra Group.


2001 : Started Biofeedback lab

2002 : Started Integrated Rehab Centre

2003 : Therapy for 150 children; 8 of them were integrated into normal schools

2004 : Commenced Speech Therapy

2005 : Around 250 more children received therapy; EMG started at Spastics

             Society Bangalore and Vidhya Sagar Chennai

2006 - 2013 : Nine Months Miracle Pregnancy Classes

2007 : Asha centre for autism started with 6 children

2008 : Around 250 more children received therapy at the Rehab Centre.

2009 / 2010 : Increased awareness, co-ordinated and improved efforts; around

                         250 more children received therapy at the Rehab Centre. The 

                         School had 20 children.

2011 till current : every year about 20 children on an average in the centre for

                                 autism and 100 children in the intervention centre receive


Around 1500 children have benefited from therapy so far, and around 200 of them were integrated into regular schools.


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